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Elite Impact Community

The Foundation is powered by people coming together to put an end to Human Exploitation and Sex Trafficking



The committees meet quarterly to review and implement strategic objectives in collaboration with the Chair of the Executive Advisory Board to effect strategic growth and community impact based upon the Foundation's strategic plan. The monthly committee status report is delivered at the Executive Advisory Board meeting, by the Chair of the committee, every third Wednesday of the month.

Advocacy & Public Policy Committee

The Elite Foundation Advocacy and Public Policy Committee seek to ensure that people, particularly those who are most vulnerable in society, are able to: Have their voice heard on issues that are important to them, as victims and survivors of human exploitation and sex trafficking. Defend and safeguard their rights. Have their views and wishes genuinely considered when decisions are being made about their lives. And these considerations are executed through the development of policies that adhere to definitions as part of a system of laws, regulatory measures, courses of action, and funding priorities in service to victims and survivors of human exploitation and sex trafficking, as well as the Foundation’s partners and accompaniment as well as its representatives. 

This committee seeks volunteers, who have experience and competence in law, public policy, research, risk management, compliance, and human resource management, as well as other related specialty knowledge.

Public Relations & Digital Content Committee

The Elite Foundation Public Relations and Digital Content Committee is focused on developed practice processes that manage the spread of information between the Foundation and the public. This committee purposes to gain exposure to the Foundation’s target audiences using topics of public interest and news items. The committee also utilizes content marketing strategies focused on creating, publishing, and distributing content for our targeted audience online to attract attention and generate leads for the Foundation.

This committee seeks volunteers, who have experience and competence in digital marketing, graphic arts, content writers, bloggers, social influencers, web design, programming, as well as other related specialty knowledge.

Empowerment Event Committee

The Elite Foundation Empowerment Event Committee undertakes the production and all project management aspects using established strategies to create and develop the Foundation’s three (3) main signature events annually (1Day2Freedom Live Empowerment events, Guardian of Hope event and Purple Healing Heels walkathon), as well as supporting all third-party fundraisers in the community. The committee uses established processes to plan the events by establishing the unique event’s goal (what it hopes to achieve) and studying the brand of the event being produced, which involves studying the target audience (the people that’ll attend the event) and then, with this initial information at hand, creating the general event concept. The committee undertakes responsibility for coordinating all technical aspects of the event and budgeting to meet or exceed strategic growth and development fiscal goals for the nonprofit.

This committee seeks volunteers, who have experience and competence in project management, event planning, the arts (production/management), hotelier experience, customer service, hospitality, as well as other related specialty knowledge.

Education and Awareness Committee

The Elite Foundation Education and Awareness committee work together to promote and support education to the general public, children and their caregivers, community partners and health care providers around the signs, red flags and types of Human Trafficking, with a focus on prevention through enhanced awareness and to minimize the risk of re-traumatizing by responding in a trauma-informed manner.   

Committee members support the awareness for Human Trafficking education initiatives wherever they are needed. The committee members will be endorsing and advocating for current research-based instructional practices in public education. They will provide leadership and guidance for training new volunteers who have a heart to train and educate others. Members will share tools for preventing sex trafficking using provided presentation materials, they will speak to civic clubs, churches, schools, universities and health care providers or any group that requests awareness information.  They may host a resource table at community events, fairs, clubs wherever there is an open door to bring educational materials to an audience.  They may also be involved in education state lawmakers in understanding what can and should be done related to prevention efforts.  The education and awareness committee actively seek out opportunities for training and education of anyone in need of knowing.

This committee seeks volunteers, who have experience and competence in public speaking, collaborative leadership, education curriculum development, survivors, community leaders with a heart for advocacy through education, as well as other related specialty knowledge.

Development and Finance Committee

The Elite Foundation Development and Finance Committee focus is the general oversite of the Foundation’s fundraising activities and its financial acumen.  This committee supports the Foundation carry out its due diligence function related to assuring fiscal health through community partner development, corporate and philanthropic sponsorship; as well as grant fund development.  The committee will ensure that fundraising is done according to recommended philanthropy and fund development policies and that it cultivates donor retention. The committee implements community activity objectives and goals that meet charitable contributions as per the annual budget, while concurrently implementing safeguards and developing specific task forces when warranted. 

This committee seeks volunteers, who have experience and competence in corporate partner development, fundraising, financial and budgeting experience, grant writing as well as other related specialty knowledge.

Volunteer and Outreach Committee

The Foundation Volunteerism and Outreach committee develops the vital human resources that support all Foundation operations that are focused to serve victims of Human Exploitation and Sex Trafficking.  The committee provides specific training, determines the allocation of resources and promotes the development of all volunteer gifts, talents and time to cultivate retention and new recruitment.  The committee also develops and assists in community service projects to purport awareness and prevention information about human exploitation and sex trafficking in our backyards. The committee maintains an updated volunteer database and develops volunteer appreciation events.  

This committee seeks volunteers, who have experience and competence in partner development, fundraising, financial and budgeting experience, marketing as well as other related specialty knowledge.