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Elite AuthorBox BlueprintTM

Your key to success is your inspired story.

You might have been told in the past that your message matters. The truth is, your message is only valuable if it meets the needs of your audience. Clarity about our why, who and what needs to be written is paramount.

Elite AuthorBox BlueprintTM will teach you how to write the right book, in the right way, to help you make an impact for those who are waiting for your message. We will help you transform your dreams of writing a book into a reality, crafting your unique voice to provide solutions for your specific audience.

At Elite, we are about supporting professionals seeking to make an impact in our world. Elite AuthorBox BlueprintTM gives you access to a literary team of experts, specializing in the finite details needed to create, position, publish, and market your book. Our simplistic but powerful solutions meet your writing needs, and are all conveniently accessible through your electronic device of choice. Through our program, you will gain the invaluable skills and knowledge that you will need for sustainable success as a published author and leader of a movement that transforms lives.

Elite AuthorBox BlueprintTM is a registered trademark of Elite Foundation a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to the combat of human exploitation.

If you’d like to…

✓ BECOME A PUBLISHED AUTHOR with ease as you write your heart-felt unique story, while we take care of the rest. All of the logistics (editing, layout, design, & publishing) are done for you! Then, on delivery date, we put your book in your hands.

✓ BECOME A BEST-SELLING AUTHOR with our proven track-record. We have never had a book not hit #1 across multiple categories on launch day!

✓ CONNECT in our community of like-minded and like-hearted professionals who will become invested in you, as you co-create a literary masterpiece. Through collaboration, your co-authors will become partners, affiliates, and much more.

✓ POSITION yourself as an expert in your niche, as there, your story is unique to your experience and no two experiences are the same.

✓ EXPAND YOUR AUDIENCE as you are introduced to Elite’s “built in audience” of this established best-selling book series and to connected to Elite’s socially-conscious business partners who will support and elevate you in your life and business endeavors.

✓ CREATE your legacy for generations to come.

✓INCREASE INFLUENCE & IMPACT through your unique story. You will synergistically super-charge and create the quantum leap you’ve been dreaming about in life and business, creating credibility second-to-none.

Elite AuthorBox BlueprintTM
is your one-stop, self-guided solution to publish your masterpiece.

Elite AuthorBox BlueprintTM

Do-It-Yourself Kit

All the Pro Writing Strategies, Tools and Shortcuts to Create your Position Book.

Step-by-step Instruction, Guidance and Training you’ll need to Write and Self-publish your Bestseller on Amazon.

Everything delivered and accessible anywhere and anytime on any device of your choice.

Follow the Elite AuthorBox BlueprintTM blueprint to get results!


Payment Plan Available

Elite AuthorBox BlueprintTM

You are an Author. Your book is stored in memory or written in journals, as it’s been for years, and now is your time to release it to the world.

For you, it’s not about mastering the Art of Writing, but rather, the how to publish logistics and how to market your work on Amazon that has you stumped.

No problem!

Elite AuthorBox Blueprint TM is your solution. The self-guided masterclass takes you through the finite details one step at a time.

Elite AuthorBox Blueprint TM gives you access to over three decades of combined publishing experience wrapped into a 12 modular class that takes you from concept, to paper, to published.

Elite AuthorBox Blueprint TM is like having your own literary coach at your fingertips, who helps you write your story the right way and gives you access to our secret sauce to position your book on Amazon to become your best-seller.

Get started today and go from zero to hero in 90-days or less.