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Statement of Change

ELITE mentors are trained, informed and compassionate citizens, who value the importance of fostering the full potential of the next generation to end human exploitation and trafficking. We raise our voices and share knowledge to affect positive change and advocate to prioritize healthy relationships for young people. Through education, information technology, and community projects we enhance widespread awareness, promote the development of social emotional intelligence and resilience, to equip the next generation of leaders in the movement.

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Elite Foundation is the only national anti-human trafficking youth mentoring program training and connecting volunteers to opportunities in their local communities. Follow these 3 easy steps to apply to become a mentor, gain access to required free training, and to connect with a mentoring project, or find a mentor for a youth in your area.

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Raise your voice, share your knowledge, and affect positive change through engagement with Congress and other influencers in your communities by calling on them to prioritize relationships for young people.

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Anti-Human Trafficking Toolkit & Assets

This is not an exhaustive resource, but is constantly being updated for our mentors.

TraffickProof curriculum for children

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