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Elite Creative Writing & Publishing Services
Your Story is Key to Your Success

Every person has a story, through our world-class creative writing and publishing services, we offer aspiring writers and authors a one-stop full service option to accomplish the goal of becoming a Published Author, to share their VOICE with the world. 

When you are offered an authorship opportunity through Elite, you gain access to a literary team of professionals, who are specialized in the finite details needed to create, position, publish, and to market your book.  Elite will transform your dreams of writing a book into a reality of crafting your unique message that provides solutions to the pain points of your specific audience.

The Elite Foundation’s publishing silo offer an array of services that you can access either through our self-guided learning platform or through one of our supported and guided publishing programs.

Craft Your Creative Book Concept

Elite’s 5-Step Craft Your Creative Book Concept is our gift to you. It is a digital five-module class to help you go from concept-to-paper, to pitch. Through this process, you will distill your unique selling proposition and craft an initial book concept to launch your creative writing flow.

Most authors do not want to think about marketing their story, and just want to focus on telling their story and sharing the message. At Elite we know that Starting with the End in Mindis a success strategy necessary if YOU and YOUR hard work want to stand out in the crowd and to reach those you were meant to serve with your unique message.

Elite Recommended Bestsellers

Elite’s published books are among a select group of bestsellers. If you are an author, have an inspired story, and are looking to publish-to-profit, submit your book proposal for consideration.

If you’d like to…

✓ BECOME A PUBLISHED AUTHOR with ease as you write your heart-felt unique story, while we take care of the rest. All of the logistics (editing, layout, design, & publishing) are done for you! Then, on delivery date, we put your book in your hands.

✓ BECOME A BEST-SELLING AUTHOR with our proven track-record. We have never had a book not hit #1 across multiple categories on launch day!

✓ CONNECT in our community of like-minded and like-hearted professionals who will become invested in you, as you co-create a literary masterpiece. Through collaboration, your co-authors will become partners, affiliates, and much more.

✓ POSITION yourself as an expert in your niche, as there, your story is unique to your experience and no two experiences are the same.

✓ EXPAND YOUR AUDIENCE as you are introduced to Elite’s “built in audience” of this established best-selling book series and to connected to Elite’s socially-conscious business partners who will support and elevate you in your life and business endeavors.

✓ CREATE your legacy for generations to come.

✓INCREASE INFLUENCE & IMPACT through your unique story. You will synergistically super-charge and create the quantum leap you’ve been dreaming about in life and business, creating credibility second-to-none.

Elite Literary Agents & Accountability Coaches Make the Difference

Elite publishing services are tailored to your unique needs. 

You will not only learn how to write the right book, in the right way, but we you will accomplish your goal to make the impact in the lives of your readers.

Your message matters!

Through our process, you will publish your passion to profit, by gaining the knowledge needed for sustainable success as a published author and leader of a movement that transforms lives.

If the idea of writing your book feels overwhelming – daunting even?

Elite has you covered.

Your literary team has over 25 years of combined experience in all aspects of writing & publishing logistics needed to  support your success. 

Elite AuthorBox BlueprintTM

Do-It-Yourself Kit

All the writing strategies, tools, instructions, and step-by-step self-guided training you’ll need to write and self-publish on Amazon.


Elite AuthorBox BlueprintTM Pro

Do-It-With You Kit

All the writing strategies, tools, instructions, and step-by-step self-guided training you’ll need to write and self-publish on Amazon.


  • Access to a Private Facebook VIP Launch Team Committee.
  • Three 1:group collaborative writing eMentoring Sessions.
  • 1 Round sight editorial review
  • Marketing SEO publishing toolkit
  • Virtual Kindle ebook launch
  • Post-launch Book Party – one (1) ticket.


Elite AuthorBox BlueprintTM Pro II

Do-It-For You Kit

All the writing strategies, tools, instructions, and step-by-step self-guided training you’ll need to write and self-publish on Amazon.


  • Elite Inclusive Publishing Service.
  • 2 Rounds Editorial Review.
  • Book Cover Design.
  • Access to a Private Facebook Group.
  • 1:1 eMentoring sessions bi-weekly, until your book is published (maximum 12 months).
  • Media Kit.
  • Free Ticket to Elite Feature Speaker Opt.
  • Cross-marketing.


Elite AuthorBox BlueprintTM Pro

Introducing OVERCOMER — the newest book in Elite’s Inspired Story best-selling series which launched on 06.06.20 to new bestseller release.

Elite’s AuthorBox Bestseller Blueprint Pro offers a unique opportunity to be a co-author in a best-selling series and access to a built-in audience to launch your bestseller in community.

Elite is currently accepting applications for the next book in this series, CHOSEN scheduled for release in 2021.

Scholarship Opportunity:

Elite is a 501(c)3 nonprofit therefore we are committed to serving those that need our help most. 

Elite Foundation offers a merit scholarship, if eligible towards our programs. We also offer a payment plan.