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Elite Collaborative Book Program

Your Story is the Key to Your Success

Elite will teach you how to write the right book, in the right way, to help you make an impact for those who are waiting for your message and life-and-business-solutions. You might have been told in the past that your message matters. The truth is, your message is only valuable if it meets the needs of your audience.

Through our process, you will learn invaluable skills and knowledge that you will need for sustainable success as a published author and leader of a movement that transforms lives.

Transformation requires real work, but once achieved, you and your readers will be equipped to create the life you dream of because of your commitment to mastering your creative.

What if the idea of writing your book feels overwhelming - daunting even?
Elite has you covered.

Elite Publishing, through its collaborative book programs, not only helps you write your story and guarantees it’s your best-seller, but it also provides you with an audience and platform to share your message worldwide to make the impact you desire.

Elite assumes all of the logistics of publishing and marketing, so that you are free to write your inspired story while feeling supported every step of the way.

Introducing Overcomer -- the next book in Elite’s worldwide best-selling book series that is scheduled for global release in spring 2020 

Overcomer offers a select opportunity for you to become a bestselling author and to access a built-in audience that you would not have on your own.

Elite is currently accepting applications for the next book in this series of Inspired Stories of Real People with Unconquerable Will to Thrive and Be Alive, Overcomer scheduled for release spring 2020.

If you’d like to...

✓ BECOME A PUBLISHED AUTHOR with ease as you write your heart-felt unique story, while we take care of the rest. All of the logistics (editing, layout, design, & publishing) are done for you! Then, on delivery date, we put your book in your hands.

✓ BECOME A BEST-SELLING AUTHOR with our proven track-record. We have never had a book not hit #1 across multiple categories on launch day!

✓ CONNECT in our community of like-minded and like-hearted professionals who will become invested in you, as you co-create a literary masterpiece. Through collaboration, your co-authors will become partners, affiliates, and much more.

✓ POSITION yourself as an expert in your niche, as there, your story is unique to your experience and no two experiences are the same.

✓ EXPAND YOUR AUDIENCE as you are introduced to Elite’s “built in audience” of this established best-selling book series and to connected to Elite’s socially-conscious business partners who will support and elevate you in your life and business endeavors.

✓ CREATE your legacy for generations to come.

✓INCREASE INFLUENCE & IMPACT through your unique story. You will synergistically super-charge and create the quantum leap you’ve been dreaming about in life and business, creating credibility second-to-none.

Elite Foundation Warriors for Change 2018

Invest In Yourself Through Our Work to Fund Freedom

All royalties from the goods, services and assets created by the Foundation go towards support of victims and survivors of human exploitation.

I want to get started right away. I've been putting this off too long.

Get started today!

Elite’s Book Program is Your Solution.

However, here is the caveat: our Book Programs are limited to 30 co-authors per project. This is not about mass production, it is about service, quality and exceptionality. We provide each author with personalized attention, and because the program builds such collaborative growth and community, spaces are LIMITED.

A co-authorship in our bestselling series Elite Book Program is offered at an all-inclusive cost of $3,000.00.

Scholarship Opportunity: Elite is committed to serving those that need it most, therefore Elite Foundation offers a merit scholarship to 5 authors accepted into the program per project, to ensure that cost is never a prohibitive factor.

We also offer a payment plan.

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You are an Author. Your book is stored in memory or written in journals, as it’s been for years, and now is your time to release it to the world.


For you, it’s not about mastering the Art of Writing, but rather, the publishing logistics and marketing that have you stumped.


No problem! Elite can take care of the finite details; we’ve been doing it for years. But, we understand that creatives by nature are not typically interested in all the little details that make up the publishing process. You just want your book in the world.


We know what it takes. There are a multitude of moving parts that need to be coordinated just right in order to successfully position and publish your book. That is why Elite has a team of professionals that handle different scopes of mastery in the process. It is our unique collaborative approach that has led to our success for clients.