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About Wendy Elliott

Ms. Wendy Elliott, Founder and CEO of Business Lynx, LLC (BL), mybusinesslynx.com. Business Lynx is a premier corporation that affords a platform that connects entrepreneurs with executive leadership coaching to achieve the highest levels of efficacy in business practices. BL is predicated upon Wendy’s extensive career in healthcare management and leadership, acquisitions and mergers, as well as start-up business development. Wendy has mentored hundreds of professionals, who have benefited from her vast education and experience, as well as her personal clinical acumen in Speech Language Pathology and Audiology, neuroscience, healthcare management, and executive corporate development. She is recognized as a premier executive leader.

Wendy’s 30-year career as a healthcare provider and executive leader led to her development of unique advanced neuroscience, neuro-cognitive approach, complex adaptive systems approaches and innovative behavioral methodologies to empower team members, leaders and providers to overcome obstacles to impact immediate, meaningful and permanent change. Wendy’s contract management and divisional operation’s optimization is focused on the impact of leadership on engagement and business performance, top team effectiveness, leadership capability development, and talent management strategies.

Wendy’s dedicated life’s work and passion for helping people communicate better and have their voices heard started in grade school as she helped a classmate communicate his wants and needs better because of his articulation deficit. This was the catalyst to her professional career as a direct care provider empowering those that could not communicate improve their abilities to be more independent. Her focus then was on those who could not speak or communicate well because of trauma, physical injury or disease processes. Now, she has taken this passion-purpose and by teaming up with others in collaboration, she helps those who have lost their inner voice, be heard and no longer live in secrecy. She believes that courage can be taught, and we have a social responsibility to ensure that all who need help have access to it.

Wendy is actively involved in philanthropic endeavors. Whether she is advocating for support for adults and children in need through various hospital systems or raising funds for organizations such as the National Stroke, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Associations, Wendy is a Change Agent.

As a member of Elite Foundation Board of Directors, Wendy is the strategic leader of the organization’s global operational infrastructure that supports all Foundation activities. She is actively involved in fundraising and strategic business growth initiatives to empower others to fund freedom through entrepreneurial collaborative ventures and eCommerce. Wendy will ensure that the Foundation’s legacy is solid and fiscally capable of helping others overcome obstacles of vulnerability, oppression and exploitation, and that it aligns with global nonprofit organizations who are locking-shields to combat Human Exploitation in this generation.