Warrior of Hope FAQ

  1. What are the qualifications for becoming a Warrior of Hope?
    Warriors of Hope must complete the application. Once the application is reviewed and accepted, training links
    will be sent via email. The online training contains 5 modules which cover the following:
    • Elite Foundation 101
    • Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking 101
    • Trauma Informed Care
    • Public Speaking
    • Mobilizing Your Community
    • Internet Safety

You will have 60 days to complete the training modules. Once training has been completed and you have submitted your quiz results, you will receive an email welcoming you to the Warrior of Hope Program.

  1. What is the minimum age requirement to be a Warrior of Hope?
    The minimum age to become a Warrior of Hope is 18 years old. Although our resources can be shown to younger youth, the Warrior of Hope training materials contain more in-depth training on Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking which can be inappropriate for those younger. We do have a program that is suited for the Youth Warrior Program. Please ask if you know of someone interested.
  2. Is there a cost to be a Warrior of Hope?
    While the training is free to become a Warrior of Hope, you may want to purchase your own materials for presentations and such.
  3. Is public speaking required to be a Warrior of Hope?
    No. There are many ways to carry the message and educate the public on preventing sex trafficking. Some Warriors love to host resource tables at regional events. It’s a great way to share the message one-on- one and hand out information. Warriors recruit others and raise funds as well. Everything you do helps protect kids! You may contact the Warrior Manager to receive more information on how you can make a
  1. Is there a quota of events or time commitment for a Warrior of Hope to accomplish?
    There is no “quota” for our Warriors although we do love to see you out there carrying the awareness message anywhere you are able. When we receive speaker requests from our website http:// Elitefundsfreedom.org your Warrior Manager is tasked with working with local Warriors to see who is able to fulfill the request. A note from her:
    I’m right there working alongside you to be sure you have the resources that you need for an info table, that
    you have the PowerPoint resources and that you feel confident. We always start small – such as a
    county/city fair info booth where you just pass out awareness cards and direct folks to our
    website. Eventually, we’d love to see you present in your own church or club or civic group. When you’ve got
    a few successes under your belt, you’ll start coming up with all kinds of ideas and places you’d like to go and
    we will help you make it happen. Remember, I’m here to support your work!
  1. What are the ways Warriors can take action and how do I measure my success?
    The main ways that Warriors make a difference are to:
    • Spread awareness – Educate your community on how to keep our kids safe/ measured by your event sheets.
    • Recruit other Warriors to do the same/ measured by how many new Warriors are referred by you and complete the training
    • Increase our reach – Help us educate more/ measured by names submitted on Sign-up sheets from events
    • Raise funds– Any amount is appreciated and multiplied times a lot of Warriors makes a huge difference/ measured by donations that are referred by you
    • Empower your faith community with the tools to fight against child sex trafficking by bringing them information.

You may also email the Warrior Manager to help connect you to others in your region and to help you get started.

  1. How do I report events?
    We are so glad you’re a part of our army and are anxious to hear about your presentation! When you do any kind of awareness education, host a resource table or do a presentation, please take a minute and fill out the tracking tool online, and send to us and we can continue to develop our reach to keep kids safe.
    When you are ready we can send you event sheets. You may scan or mail in the sign-in sheets with contact information from your event attendees. Scan and email to info@elitefundsfreedom.org

8. Why do we track our event attendees?
Telling your audience why it’s important for them to sign in on the sheet at an event helps them understand why wedo what we do.

Here are the reasons you may share:

  • We have donors who pay for Elite Foundation, Inc. to be able to provide awareness without cost to audiences. They want to know we are actually DOING it. Since we can’t measure how many kids aren’t trafficked because they know the signs, we can measure how many kids and adults are being reached. Your report is how we let them know that real, live people are hearing the awareness material.
  • We track where in the country are areas that haven’t had awareness and then focus on activatingWarriors in that area.
  • We want to support the work our Warriors are doing across the country, so knowing what you’re doing tells us what tools you need.
  • AND there are perks for Warriors who reach the most people, collect the most contact names, and raise the most funds for Elite Foundation, Inc. It’s not all about the prizes, but hey, who doesn’t like a freebie or a shout-out once in a while? We also post your ideas to the Facebook Warrior’s page to give others energy! You may have thought of doing something no one else has done so we want to share it and give you the credit!
  • Why collect names/contact info? The more people in our database, the more ongoing education goes out. Our monthly E-newsletters and mailings provide great information that continues the spread of awareness so keep the names coming in. They can opt out of mail or emails anytime.
  1. How do I connect with other Warriors in my area?
    You may contact the Warrior Manager to receive a contact list of Warriors in your area. This list is only given to
    other Warriors and is not available for public use. You will receive names and emails only and you may choose
    how you will continue contact with other Ambassadors.
  2. Can Warriors of Hope join a local Task Force?
    Some task forces are organized by the county and include various organizational staff members as
    representatives. Because Warriors of Hope are volunteers, Warriors may not represent Elite Foundation Inc., at
    a task force. Warriors are welcome to attend these meetings as a “concerned citizen” or “volunteer for Elite
    Foundation, Inc., but not as an employee representing Shared Hope as an organization.
  1. Can Warriors of Hope have business cards with Elite Foundation, Inc.
    • Yes. The Warrior of Hope toolkit includes a template for an Warrior of Hope business card. Warriors are
    responsible for printing and cost.

For your emails, use this signature block just created for Ambassadors. Insert your name, email and phone
number and cut and paste into your email signature file. Please do not change or add to the title given here.

Your Name / Trained Volunteer Warrior of Hope
your@email.com / Phone: 123-456-7890
Elite Foundation, Inc. www.elitefundsfreedom.org
Combating Human Exploitation in all its Ugly Forms
2003 W. Cypress Creek Road, Ste. 103
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309

  1. Does Shared Hope provide collateral for Warriors of Hope events?
    Warriors of Hope are responsible for all collateral printing costs for events they facilitate. Collateral templates
    are provided on the flash drive, which is included in the Warrior of Hope Toolkit. If Elite Foundation, Inc. asks an
    Ambassador to participate in an event that has originated from our Speaker Request form, Elite will help provide
    the collateral if the Warrior is unable to do so.
  2. How do I order Elite Foundation Inc. brochures or other collateral?
    If you wish to order collateral that isn’t included on the toolkit, you can call the office at (954)616-5246 or email
    info@elitefundsfreedom.org to request what you need.

Available are:
• Trifolds
• Presentation templates