Warrior of Hope Description

CLASSIFICATION: Trained Volunteer
POSITION: Warrior of Hope
SUPERVISOR: Warrior of Hope manager

ORGANIZATIONAL OVERVIEW: Elite Foundation, Inc, is a 501(c)3 nonprofit headquartered in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Elite Foundation, Inc works to combat sex slavery globally and restore the women and children who are victims of sexual slavery. Since 2016, Elite Foundation, Inc has partnered with local groups to bring about Funding Freedom, Empowering Others and Raising Awareness through Education, Empowerment and Evolvement for survivors of human trafficking.

POSITION OVERVIEW: A trained Elite Foundation Warrior of Hope raises awareness in their community about Elite Foundation, Inc.’s three-pronged effort to end sex trafficking by affording access to our certified Pathway to Freedom.


  1. Develops contacts to create a network to bring awareness. This includes (but is not limited to) civic groups, local community groups, government and city officials, schools, faith-based organizations, parent groups, social groups, etc.
  2. Becomes thoroughly educated on and uses Elite’s resources for all presentations and discussions.
  3. Reports all activities by submitting an Event Summary Form.
  4. Collects attendee information at events and submits the Elite Foundation, Inc Event Sign- Up Sheet to info@elitefundsfreedom.org.


  1. Submit Elite Foundation Inc.’s application with references.
  2. Pass Background Check
  3. Once approved as a Warrior of Hope, complete online training as assigned.
  4. Provide monthly feedback on activities and ideas for Educating, Empowering or Evolving he survivors of Sexual Slavery.
  5. Follow protocols as directed for media contact and disclosure, receiving donations for Elite Foundation, Inc, and receiving speaker requests.


(Warriors of Hope must have a passion to end sex trafficking and at least one of the following skills)

  1. Must be at least 16years of age
  2. To share the message of prevention as widely as possible
  3. To conduct public presentations in large and small groups if agreeable
  4. To plan or support an event
  5. To develop community relationships
  6. To manage a community event resource table if needed.
  7. Help fund raise or work in collaboration with others.


  1. This is an opportunity to help share the message of Elite Foundation, Inc and not a formal position with Elite. This volunteer opportunity is provided for informational purposes only and does not form the basis of a contract or employment.
  2. This description is intended to provide an overview of the responsibilities and duties of the position. It is not all-inclusive. The responsibilities may change over time.