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How sex trafficking survivor became a restauranteur

Just about everyone who stops by “La Familia” restaurant in Mexico City is welcomed with Neli Delgado’s warm smile.

Delgado’s restaurant is a small, rotisserie chicken, take-out establishment located in a working-class neighborhood. But to its owner, La Familia means much more than just four walls and a rotisserie oven: It’s a sign that she’s once again free to dream big again.

“This is very beautiful to me. It’s the first step, but we will soon be growing and adding new dishes,” Delgado said.

Delgado says her life turned upside down when she was 18 years old. “My father died the month before I was to finish high school and my family completely collapsed,” she said.

Homeless, penniless and grieving, Delgado says she was easy prey for a charming man who promised to care for her, offering marriage and eternal love.

“I used to eat cheap apples and coffee. That’s all I could afford,” Delgado said. “I was suffering a lot, and when he approached me offering to help, I felt I had no other option.”

But the promise of marriage was just a trick. Her suitor was, in reality, a human trafficker.

By Rafael Romo – April 28, 2017 – CNN

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